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The art of being, The art of doing

T’ai Chi in the heart
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T’AI CHI Yangform
Professor with 20 years experience,

Upon receipt of your request, I will contact you to respond to any questions.

Tina Grumme
T’ai Chi style YANG

Tina Grumme


06 64 73 12 37




Paris - France


Integrating :
* Balance
* Freedom
* Concentration
* Unity

Please contact Tina for details !
*** First lesson free ***

Outside :
15€ for 1 lesson of 1h or 50€ for 4 lessons
10€ for unemployed / student.
400€ for 1 year

Room :
500€ for 1 year
70€ for 1 month
20€ for 1 lesson

10€ by session - unemployed / student


T’ai Chi lesson at home for 1-3 people.



26 rue de Pontoise - 75005 Paris
Subway : Maubert-Mutualité

Wednesday from 0.30pm to 1.30pm - Beginner
Tuesday from 7pm to 8pm - Beginner
Thursday from 10.30am to 11.30am - Beginner
Friday from 7pm to 8pm - Advanced

57 Rue Cuvier - 75005 Paris
Subway : Jussieu

Sunday from 10.30am to 11.30am - Beginners and Advanced

Tina Grumme, professor of T’ai Chi yang form with 20 years experience

My qualifications :
* Dance : Graduate in Danse Libre Malkovsky
* Hatha Yoga : Graduate from the Eva Ruchpaul Institute
* Theatre : Graduate from the Ecole de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq
* Art therapy : Mask play with Laura Sheleen
* T’ai Chi : T’ai Chi Style Yang / Trained by Jacques Dropsy

T’ai Chi is the achievement of this journey that I started in my youth.

Jacques Dropsy, author of ‘The Well-Tuned Body’, offers his readers what he calls, “Invisible Exercise” :

"Feeling good about yourself", knowing innately how to move, having just the right touch, in harmony with your body. Being in tune as it were, lik e Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier.

For most of us this is easier said than done. To obtain spontaneity of this kind is not a question of specialised physical exercise or gymnastics. Learn an alternative body language, from standing up, walking, breathing, picking objects up, putting them down, talking… The very essence of corporal expression of our every-day lives.

The gentle exercises shown is this book will help liberate your breathing, attain a true sense of balance, train your voice to inhabit the whole of your body, enhance your environment through walking. Recapture contact with deep-set coordination lost over the years.


A source of youth !
​From Eliane - 10/3/2016
A relaxed and friendly atmosphere within a warm and attentive setting, subtle and well thought teaching method, and a great group dynamic ; truly recommend !

An excellent Tai Chi class in Paris
​From Isabelle - 25/2/2016
Tina, an excellent teacher with a gentle touch of patience and poetry to teach us the art of shadow boxing and right gesture. Every class is a source of youth and a recipe for well-being. 11 years of regular classes and not a single wrinkle.

A class to recommend
​From Marc - 19/2/216
Tina is an excellent professor, who knows how to make you feel confident in yourself, and who will follow you through all the different coordination’s, everyone in his or her own pace, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Among one of the best classes in Paris
​From Fifi - 18/2/2016
Tina is a phenomenal teacher, who is explaining the context and the practice of all the gestures and movements while she is teaching. She is always listening to everyone in the class, and ready to assist. Delicate and very professional ; Tina knows how to help all of her students even though there can be big differences in their level of practice. This practice is excellent for the body, without ever having abrupt movements or physically painful exercises.

A great experience
​From Nico - 05/2/2016
This class was a great experience for my debut to Tai Chi ; Tina is a professor that is very observant, and very helpful for us through this form of Tai Chi practice.

Excellent Introduction
From Erica - 3/2/2016
It was an excellent introduction ; and Tina is a great instructor. I will definitely continue with her ! I will recommend this course to my friends.

Thank you for your kindness
From Airel - 23/2/2018
Thank you for your kindness. They both absolutely loved your company and your patience as a teacher. I am very lucky to have found you.